Thursday, September 20, 2007

Queens. Quarterbacks. Quiet.

Rodeo Queens- Beauty n' Boots

Eight girls in snowcone-colored Wranglers and matching cowboy boots gallop full-tilt around a rodeo arena, one hand on their horses' reins, the other raised in the open-palmed salute of a beauty queen on parade. Clots of mud arc and burst in a horse's thundering wake, and a saucer-size golden belt buckle glitters in the sun.

At first, it seems a strange marriage of cultures: Rough-riding cowgirl and glitzy beauty queen, one in the same? But it's not. It's just the nostalgic carnival of Western rodeo at its best.

Welcome to the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant 2008, the 45th annual horsemanship and beauty competition, during which both Miss Rodeo Washington and Miss Teen Rodeo Washington will be chosen and crowned.

To read more of Miss Haley Edward's article:


During a break between lunch and dinner— Rana, a kitchen helper, Sabi S. Dhoat, one of the owners of the Tandoor Restaurant, and Balginder Singh, second cook— talk inside of the University District business. The restaurant, which specializes in North Indian cuisine, has been open since 1986. The Dhoat family has owned the Tandoor Restaurant for the last 12 years. Dhoat and Rana— originally from India’s Punjab region— said they lived in nearby towns and used to ride motorcycles and pick mangos together as boys. Singh is the uncle of Dhoat’s wife.

A Tsimshian Haayuuk dancer dresses to perform for Honor Day. There is not a federally-recognized holiday honoring the contributions of Native Americans. But there is a movement for that to change. (

Harry Jefferson, 34, hugs his daughter Zenobia Jefferson, 2, outside of his apartment in Skyway. Jefferson credits the Clean Dreams Project— a small social service agency based in Rainier Valley— with helping him get on his feet after prison and start on a pathway towards a college.

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For someone who doesn't "know" football you captured some great moments!

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