Monday, August 24, 2009

Ravenna Kibbutz

Clustered around Seattle's North End synagogues, there are three intentional living communities for young Jewish adults.

The Ravenna Kibbutz started in 2007, inspired by other local cohousing arrangements as much as the socialist Israeli collective farms of old, the kibbutz has rapidly become a magnet for Jewish young adults moving to Seattle.

The houses are located just a few doors down from one another. The residents host weekly meals, as well as coffeehouse nights where friends play instruments. Rent is inexpensive so residents are able to focus on volunteering or other civic work.

It's about building community. It's about sharing their lives, and faith.

From left, Dane Kuttler, Larissa Brown and Kelly Hanna carry plates and bowls between the Ravenna Kibbutz houses preparing for the potluck Shabbat dinner held every week.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vava and the Japanese Antique Sale

Earlier this week, Vava (my almost in high-school, diva-amiga) and I visited the Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle. Every couple of months, we get together to catch up and explore Seattle with our cameras. After hitting a record shop/comic shop, we peeked into the old Rainier Brewery, now a labyrinth of weird working spaces and artist lofts. Inside one dark space, two men were unloading crates of Japanese antiques for an upcoming sale. Above, are a couple of photographs of tattered newspapers that were fixed on to the back of an old store counter top. A photo of Vava, and her fabulous wild hair, is in the middle.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Holga Dog Surf

Awhile back, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two-year anniversary with a trip to the Oregon Coast. During our travels, we surfed for a day an Indian Beach at Ecola State Park. There, we met a wave warrior and his dog. The pup was pretty skilled, and likely stayed on the board longer than either of us. Above, are a few Holga frames of inspiration.

A big mamma tree, photographed through a lens baby.

Families exploring Seaside, Oregon.

Manuel number one, with a lens baby.

Manuel number two, with a lens baby. Isn't it fun to use his wonderful Christmas present?

Forest in Ecola State Park, with lens baby.

Ecola State Park viewpoint, looking north towards Indian Beach.

Purple wildflowers in Ecola State Park.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Perils and Pleasures of NW Picnicing

From left: Melissa Geiss, 18, Theresa Hoey, 17, Anthony Galvan, 17, and friends roast marshmallows at Golden Gardens Park. With vistas of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, the beach's fire pits are a popular hangout throughout the summer well into the Pacific Northwest's colder months.

Golden Gardens group, more likely focused on drink than food.

The Climbers Picnic includes the elements of picnics across America: meat cooked on an open grill.

Kate Berreth and Evan Anderson, right, cuddle near the grill in a shelter at Seattle's Golden Gardens Park with friends Allison Van Horn and Zach Davidson. The friends say they picnic often, but especially when it's nice out.

Allison Van Horn, 22, prepares her toast for a hot dog while grilling with friends at Golden Gardens.

Kate Berreth savors that picnic classic, fresh watermelon, on a cool May day.

Amelie Millard, 4, plays among the petals in the park next to the Columbia City Farmers Market in the Rainier Valley. Her family and friends join many others who picnic and play there in all kinds of weather.

Brooke Gerber-Perham, 6, and her father, Bruce Perham, snack on ice cream at the Columbia City Farmers Market, where the neighborhood festivities extend into the adjacent park.

Father Satish Devani, son Aakash Devani, mother Aarti Devani, grandmother Lilawati Kothawade and daughter Ketaki Devani picnic at Seward Park along Lake Washington. The family, originally from India, say they used to travel 50 miles outside of Mumbai to find an uncrowded place to picnic. Satish surprised his wife with the picnic after Aarti told him she wanted a day to feel close to nature.

Dan McComb and Lara Feltin picnic on the banks of Lake Washington at Seward Park, less than 50 feet from where they were married 4 and a half years ago.

To read Karen Gaudette's story, on picnicking culture in the Northwest visit:
All images copyright Erika Schultz or The Seattle Times