Monday, August 24, 2009

Ravenna Kibbutz

Clustered around Seattle's North End synagogues, there are three intentional living communities for young Jewish adults.

The Ravenna Kibbutz started in 2007, inspired by other local cohousing arrangements as much as the socialist Israeli collective farms of old, the kibbutz has rapidly become a magnet for Jewish young adults moving to Seattle.

The houses are located just a few doors down from one another. The residents host weekly meals, as well as coffeehouse nights where friends play instruments. Rent is inexpensive so residents are able to focus on volunteering or other civic work.

It's about building community. It's about sharing their lives, and faith.

From left, Dane Kuttler, Larissa Brown and Kelly Hanna carry plates and bowls between the Ravenna Kibbutz houses preparing for the potluck Shabbat dinner held every week.

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