Monday, August 17, 2009

Holga Dog Surf

Awhile back, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two-year anniversary with a trip to the Oregon Coast. During our travels, we surfed for a day an Indian Beach at Ecola State Park. There, we met a wave warrior and his dog. The pup was pretty skilled, and likely stayed on the board longer than either of us. Above, are a few Holga frames of inspiration.

A big mamma tree, photographed through a lens baby.

Families exploring Seaside, Oregon.

Manuel number one, with a lens baby.

Manuel number two, with a lens baby. Isn't it fun to use his wonderful Christmas present?

Forest in Ecola State Park, with lens baby.

Ecola State Park viewpoint, looking north towards Indian Beach.

Purple wildflowers in Ecola State Park.

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