Saturday, January 2, 2010


One of my closest childhood friends grew up on a farm outside of Riverton, Wyoming.

We spent many days swinging below giant cottonwoods that surround their farmhouse, exploring the fields with her younger sister and jumping off the nearby railroad bridge into the Wind River.

Halee always ran around barefoot. Could corner carp between sandbars, and cradle them with her arms. Loved snakes, owned tarantulas and is one heckuva artist.

I usually catch up with her once or twice a year. It’s one of the best parts of going home.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, while taking a few portraits of her outside of her new digs in Riverton.

Halee, Riverton, Wyoming

Dad, Sinks Canyon.

Rabbit tracks, Sinks Canyon.

Sinks Canyon.

Limestone Cliffs, Sinks Canyon


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Kirk said...

The photo of your dad trudging through the snow is gorgeous!

How have you been?


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