Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boxing Gym

Awhile back, I tried to put together a small photo package for the paper on a South Seattle boxing gym. The club has wide range of boxers— from young boys and girls to professional fighters. I wanted to do the story because the gym is an asset to the neighborhood— a haven where people of all ages can be safe, feel apart of a community and push themselves to new goals.

One young teenager said he learned discipline, and how to shrug off negativity from his peers at school. (Before, that was hard to do.) One single mother said she felt at ease knowing her two young daughters were training while she worked into the evening. Some of the older boxers were fierce, but lended a hand to their younger teammates.

The story ended up falling through near publication. (A bummer.) But, a friend encouraged me to share some of the photos. I think it's been good to revisit them before shelving the project and moving forward.

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